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Marie Chêne's adventure

Our Story

After twenty-five years devoted to the creation of cosmetic products, Marie Chêne decided to honor French know-how and its artistic craftsmanship.

The house has developed a partnership with two factories that have obtained the label of excellence for French craftsmanship: the E.P.V, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

The tweed spinning mill based in the South West of France has existed since 1865, it weaves exclusive tweeds with fancy yarns with exuberant relief and shine effects for a strong visual. Its carbon footprint is as small as possible, it is now the European leader in the recycling of paramide fibers, the wool which is recyclable by nature has long been reinjected into yarn production.

In the leather workshop also based in the south west of France since 1931, each piece of leather is cut, sewn, lined with the meticulousness of purely artisanal goldsmith work combining modernity and tradition. The skins of cow, calf or young bull are of French transformation.

The Labécède collection is therefore the result of an exceptional marriage between the best French ancestral know-how.

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